Why Spanish is the language for the 21st Century

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Spanish is spoken by more than 405million native speakers*, over 6% of the worlds population count Spanish as their native tongue. Only Chinese Mandarin has more native speakers. The fast growing economies and tourist destinations of Latin America are dominated by Spanish, while Spanish speakers form a dominating part of the population growth in North America.

What does that mean? It means Spanish is important. It is going to have a growing influence on life going forward. It means to fully appreciate many of the emerging cultures you will need to have at least some grasp of Spanish.

Many of the worlds ancient civilizations are brought to life in Spanish speaking countries – Tihuanacu in Bolivia, Incas in Peru, Aztecs in Mexico and the Mayans in Guatemala.

Many of the Worlds great natural wonders are found in Spanish speaking countries – Angel Falls in Venezuela, Machu Picchu in Peru, Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia, Iguacu Falls in Argentina, Patagonia in Chile/Argentina.

Many of the worlds great emerging cities are dominated by Spanish – Bogota, Colombia; Buenas Aires, Argentina; Cusco, Peru; Mexico City, Miami, Los Angeles and of course Madrid and Barcelona.

To really make the most of the world around us, to really understand and soak up the atmosphere of some of the worlds most amazing places, the Spanish language is going to be very important.

*population data from wikipedia

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