Sucre Spanish School, also gives you the opportunity of living in a house with a Bolivian family, learning more about the culture and customs from our country while practicing Spanish, we adjust to all of your requirements and you can access to the advantages of sharing the best experiences as if you were local person, filling as one more member of the family.

Choosing a Homestay includes: Breakfast, lunch, free kitchen at nights, private bedroom and bathroom, Internet Access and all of the spanish practicing that you can imagine.

The family home-stay option is intended for those students who want to maximize their learning—not only in terms of Spanish, but also in Bolivian culture—by sharing in the daily life of the family. Participation in the family life, having the opportunity to consistently practice the Spanish that is learned in class.

All of Sucre Spanish School’s host families are carefully selected to provide the support and comfort necessary for a pleasant and enriching stay. Each student will always have his/her own private room, bathroom, breakfast, lunch, free kitchen to prepare dinner, internet access and will share the facilities with a Bolivian family.