I studied at Sucre Spanish School for 6 weeks. I came to Sucre because I had heard that is is a beautiful old city that also has many interesting sights and is a great place to relax. I was not disappointed.

The school is close to the main plaza and other important attractions. The teachers were professional and very helpful. They used a variety of activities to teach the language. Sucre Spanish School also offers activities outside the school .You can learn salsa, play wallyball, cook and socialize with the other students and teachers. The activities give plenty of opportunities to practice what you have learnt.

I stayed with a Bolivian family. They were very friendly and welcoming. It was an excellent opportunity to learn more about the local culture and language.

I am very pleased I chose Sucre Spanish School. If you want a good experience learning Spanish, I recommend that you come to Sucre.

– Alexander Lee On, Australia